How the integration with HubLogix works

The main function of the SkuVault & HubLogix integration is to streamline the inventory management process, and to automate the drop shipping process. HubLogix is the first line of defense – all orders come through it. Drop ship orders go through HubLogix as usual, and certain orders that you want to be fulfilled in-house (which of those orders are to be fulfilled in-house is dictated by rules that you can customize in HubLogix) go in to SkuVault to be processed. SkuVault can also connect to your various online marketplaces to sync your products across those channels.

SkuVault utilizes barcode scanners in conjunction with product and location barcode labels to manage your inventory. Products are created in SkuVault, product quantities are associated with physical locations in your warehouse, and from there, it's as simple as scanning the barcodes to add, pick, or remove quantities. Inventory management and drop shipping can be very hairy processes. SkuVault & HubLogix work in tandem to facilitate these processes, and provide advanced sales data to allow you, the retailer, to make smarter purchasing and shipping decisions.


SkuVault ♥ HubLogix

Both SkuVault & HubLogix work hard (so you don’t have to) gathering valuable sales data and drop shipping supplier information. SkuVault's reports are extensive, customizable, and informative – providing you with the sales data you need to make smarter, more informed, purchasing, marketing, and marketplace decisions. For instance, if your products feature color as an attribute and your company sells sporting equipment, you'll be able to see that your yellow bicycles are far outselling your blue ones - why waste the warehouse space on something's that not selling? This kind of data is always accessible through SkuVault – anywhere and anytime from your computer or mobile device. When it comes to drop shipping, HubLogix provides intelligent order routing information. Intelligent order routing provides our customers with the ability to automate the order submission process by using a variety of business rules geared toward saving money and time.


Benefits of using SkuVault to track your HubLogix inventory

We love HubLogix because they share the same objective as us here at SkuVault: make the retailer’s life easier. Both pieces of software do this by working hard to keep you organized, on track, and informed. Separately, both SkuVault and HubLogix are powerful eCommerce entities. Together, however, they work to give you complete control over your physical inventory and your drop shipping orders. The integration between SkuVault & HubLogix requires a SkuVault FTP setup and maintenance fee – request a demo for more details!