How the Walmart Warehouse Management System works

With the Walmart integration (via FarApp) SkuVault ensures your inventory is always accurate by pulling your orders and product data. After receiving and processing the order, SkuVault updates the quantities to your Walmart store. SkuVault will get all your Walmart orders out the door as fast as they come in with optimized picklists which decrease pick time for your employees. Your Walmart store can also benefit from increased transparency and purchasing power with advanced reporting features. In addition, you can integrate SkuVault with all of your other selling platforms as well as any other POS system, accounting, or ERP. Total control, right at your fingertips.


Benefits of the Sears Warehouse Management System

Use FarApp's Walmart integration with SkuVauly and take advantage of a huge front end selling platform to a seamless back-end integration. Despite how many channels you sell on in addition to Walmart, you don't have to worry about keeping your inventory accurate across all channels and warehouse. Your inventory can now be real-time and your pickers can get your inventory out the door faster than ever before.