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Our Story

In early high school, Andy and a friend (Matt Kubancik), began selling anything they could find on eBay; going through friends' parents' attics, yardsales, and (the real money makers) outlet stores and factory outlets. From there, they eventually made relationships with the managers at the outlet stores, got an article in a popular local newspaper, Business First, and were contacted by an old pro in the shoe industry who became their mentor and helped them take their startup business, Street Moda, to the next level. 


Andy took a break from Street Moda to go to University of Louisville Speed School for Industrial Engineering, from where he began consulting and developing custom solutions for a few manufacturing companies. After working with these companies' inventory, forecasting, and reordering process improvement, Andy was called back into the eCommerce world by Street Moda to help with their warehouse management problem. After much testing and trial and error with expensive, outdated systems, Matt asked Andy and Slava Ivanyuk (now CTO) to find him a new system to implement. Not finding anything they liked, Andy and Slava decided to build him one. 


There was a great deal of interest for this software, so after another eCommerce company, Webzom, got launched on this system, Andy and Slava took a step back and decided to regroup, and then go full steam with warehouse management. They rebuilt the system from the ground-up on Microsoft's Cloud, and removed the apparel focus, making the system more broadly applicable for any eCommerce company. The primary goal in creating this warehouse management system, SkuVault, was to make something that would ease the pain points they'd experienced as sellers.


They wanted to reduce out of stocks and picking & shipping errors with quality control features, lessen the need for time-consuming physical re-allocation of products and quantity updates across multiple channels like Amazon and eBay, increase clients' eBay and Amazon feedback, simplify the picking process for warehouse workers, streamline purchasing, receiving, re-oredering, and sourcing, and integrate with systems that they as sellers had used and found valuable such as ChannelAdvisor, ShipWorks, Shopify, and QuickBooks; they wanted to create the system that they, as sellers, would love. Another main focus of SkuVault was (and still is!) to keep it simple to use.


Since SkuVault launched in 2011, they've expanded across 6 continents, 41 countries, and 588 cities. They've sponsored & exhibited at prominent trade shows like ChannelAdvisor's Catalyst, IRCE, ASD, SEMA, and more, and they've gained recognition from their partners, peers, and the media.





Endeavor Selection Finalist 2016

GLI's Inc. Credible Finalist 2016

Louisville Business First Fast 50 2016

DeSales Yound Alumnus of the Year 2016

Ranked #517 in the Inc 5000 2017


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Charities We Support

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Mission Statement

SkuVault is the warehouse management technology platform that empowers small and medium enterprises to optimize operations so they can scale and compete in the growing eCommerce market at a fraction of the cost. We provide a hands-on customer service experience, meaningful, actionable data, and automated processes that reduce complexity, waste, and supply chain inefficiencies - this saves our clients money and has a positive impact on the environment. SkuVault makes it easy for clients to connect their warehouses to the world while increasing fulfillment speed, accuracy, and profit.


Core Values

  • 1. Integrity and Transparency builds rewarding relationships.
    2. Innovation and Free Thought promotes change which creates opportunity.
    3. Empowerment enables people to lead.
    4. Synergy of skills to co-create drives success.
    5. Waste Reduction improves our product and everyday lives.

Meet The Owner


Andy Eastes

Co-Founder & CEO

Andy Eastes is the CEO of SkuVault. He has been active in the eCommerce community for 10 years and has a passion for increasing efficiency for eCommerce and wholesale businesses. He attended the University of Louisville for Industrial Engineering, where he developed his passion for process improvement. "Without Continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning."