Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA

SkuVault users aren't
impacted by Amazon’s
change to FBA Fulfillment.

Create shipments and project replenishment numbers in SkuVault, use Amazon Seller Central for your shipment maintenance, and return to SkuVault to pack and fulfill those orders to send to Amazon.

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No need to worry about FBA’s change with SkuVault

What happened to Amazon Seller Central on March 1, 2023?

As of March 1st, 2023, Amazon no longer supports movement between their API and third party apps for their shipments. Any “Send to Amazon” workflow must be completed entirely in one system – either through Amazon Seller Central or a third party app. If you rely on a third party as the process owner for Amazon orders, this workflow no longer works as of March 1.

Why are SkuVault users unaffected by this change?

SkuVault users are not affected by this change because our Amazon integration was built to work with Amazon, not around it. SkuVault doesn’t own the order record like the 3rd party apps do, so our community can continue to use their existing workflows. SkuVault is designed to work well when you’re managing both FBA fulfillment and self-fulfillment.

Why did Amazon make this change?

Amazon changed their API to ensure they’re the sole process owner for ALL third party apps – including orders. After Amazon Seller Central made this change on March 1, any outside apps built using the API cease to work as process owners for orders.

Who does this change impact?

This change impacts any FBA sellers using a third party app – and not Amazon Seller Central – as the process owner for orders. In other words, many applications that interact with Amazon Seller Central may stop working or be limited in their value.

But that’s not the case for SkuVault. Our sellers can continue to project replenishment numbers and create shipments in SkuVault, use Seller Central for their shipment maintenance, and return to SkuVault to pack and fulfill those orders to send to Amazon.

Our users can continue using one of two possible workflows:

Workflow Option 1

Workflow Option 2: Creating an FBA Shipment in Seller Central

How does it work with SkuVault?

Our users benefit from our strong relationship with Amazon and we are confident that our integration and workflows will not be disrupted by future changes to the API. We designed SkuVault to fit into a modular tech stack to perform specific jobs efficiently. By developing the right tool for the right job, we’re aligned to work seamlessly with Amazon.

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    SkuVault’s powerful forecasting tool predicts what to send to Amazon for future sales.

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    This creates a “master shipment’ within Amazon

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    Amazon uses its engine to split this master record into several smaller shipments.

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    Amazon feeds these shipments back into SkuVault for pick and pack.

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    User goes back to Seller Central to print the master carton labels and shipping labels.

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