3: How to Become a Daily Deal Seller on eBay

3: How to Become a Daily Deal Seller on eBay

Ebay Daily Deals This is part three in an informational series on eBay. We’ll cover everything from becoming a seller, listing your first product, daily deal sellers, PowerSellers, improving your feedback ratings, and more! Today’s topic: how to start selling on eBay.

The Daily Deals on eBay.com are sourced from trusted sellers who offer deep discounts on limited quantity products. Ebay has their own algorithm to determine who can become a Daily Deal seller. The process is complex and time-consuming for a new eBay seller, and only the most dedicated are awarded Daily Deal accounts.

Ask Your Account Manager About Daily Deals

The top earners on eBay have account managers. They act as personal assistants to people who make at least $25,000 a month on eBay. If you have an account manager, asking her how to become a Daily Deal seller is a major step that sets you apart from the competition. Having an account manager means you’re already an eBay Powerseller. You know the game, and now all you have to do is ensure that your account is in good standing.

Consistently Sell Products Every Day for Months

If your reaction to the last subtitle was, “What’s an account manager?”, focus on selling more. The top earners sell hundreds of items a day. Make sure you’re consistently selling products without any hiatuses. It’s not uncommon for a Daily Deal to sell thousands, so eBay needs to know that you can handle an extreme volume of sales. Ebay evaluates sellers based on their sales volume in the past 12 months.

Keep your eBay Account in Good Standing

Good standing means paying eBay fees on time and having high scores in Detailed Seller Ratings. The former is much easier than the latter. To keep customers happy, ship products without delay, promptly respond to emails, accurately describe every product, and offer free shipping. Low scores are sometimes given for circumstances outside a seller’s control. Fortunately, this kind of feedback is in the minority, and most eBayers fairly rate their experience.

Think like eBay. It’s not good business to put a poorly rated seller on the front page. It’s also not beneficial for them to promote a seller who neglects their eBay fees and opts for account suspension instead.

In short:

  1. Have a DSR of at least 4.6/5 in each category.
  2. Pay your fees on time.
  3. Aim for a total feedback score of 98 percent or higher.

Have a Highly Desirable Product for a Low Price

Lastly, having a Daily Deal account means nothing if you don’t have an incredible product at an unbeatable price. Daily Deals are often seasonal; for example, a seller might offer maxi dresses in the Spring or school-related items just before the fall semester begins. Ideally, this product is tried and true. The last thing an eBay seller needs is a flood of poor feedback and open Buyer Protection Cases after they sell thousands of a product.

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