40% of SkuVault Clients Prepare for Peak Season in August – Have You Started?

40% of SkuVault Clients Prepare for Peak Season in August – Have You Started?

We’re officially in the thick of peak season. But you knew that already.

Peak season, or the holiday shopping season, is typically the busiest time for multi-channel sellers. With new avenues to shop online popping up everyday, eCommerce sellers can’t afford not to prepare for peak season as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, many sellers wait until the last minute (or not at all) to implement a software solution designed to organize and mange their inventory across sales channels.

Don’t be that seller.

If you’re experiencing any or all of these issues, you need an inventory management system:

  • You’re struggling to keep track of multi-channel inventory across sales platforms
  • You’re overselling because you can’t keep track of multi-channel inventory
  • Lost inventory is costing you more than you’re making
  • You’ve found yourself as a warehouse expert just to get by, when in reality you just want to sell
  • Your Seller Performance Ratings are down the drain due to canceled orders

Any of this sound familiar? It’s time to solve these issues with a smart inventory management system. Black Friday is just around the corner.

Take a look at how SkuVault clients took those experiences, and turned them into a better way to manage peak season with inventory management.

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