5 Quick Black Friday & Cyber Monday Stats – What They Mean for Retailers

5 Quick Black Friday & Cyber Monday Stats – What They Mean for Retailers

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ComScore expects holiday eCommerce sales to reach $61 billion this year in the US, as consumers make greater use of mobile devices to shop. So with Black Friday and Cyber Monday right around the corner, looking to be bigger than ever, what can eCommerce retailers learn from last year’s stats and this years projections to make this their biggest holiday season yet?

1 | Mobile sales expected to increase by 25%

This year, mobile sales are forecasted to jump to $7.873 billion, compared to last year’s $6.283 billion – that’s a 25% projected increase. Compare that to this year’s projected desktop sales increase of 14%; a 14% increase is nothing to sneeze at, and shows that desktop eCommerce is still charging forward, but that projected 25% increase in mobile sales ought to impress upon you just how important it is that your website is responsive for mobile shoppers.

2 | UPS has doubled holiday hires from 2013

If you were in the eCommerce industry last year, then you doubtless remember the hairy situation that UPS found themselves in when they failed to deliver thousands of packages before December 25th. In part to counteract this negative press, and in part in response to the projections of eCommerce sales, UPS has hired nearly double the temporary staff this year as they did last year – around 90k – 95k, as compared to 55k in 2013. What should eCommerce retailers get out of this info? Major shipping carriers like UPS are stepping up their game and are prepping for an exorbitant amount of orders – and you should too.

3 | 52% of Americans Will Shop on Black Friday, 55% on Cyber Monday

Those predictions, brought to you by web measurement firm Nielson, are insane. With that many shoppers online on those days, you’ll want to make sure that your web servers and/or your eCommerce platforms can handle the strain. If this prediction turns out to be correct, then 2014 will be another year where Cyber Monday outperforms Black Friday.

4 | Top ways shoppers are learning about Cyber Monday sales are retailer websites, deal websites, retailer emails and social media

Again according to Nielson, this Cyber Monday shoppers are learning about Cyber Monday deals in four main ways. Online retailers’ websites seems to be the way most shoppers are informing themselves, with 59% of shoppers saying they utilize those websites to learn about this year’s deals. 57% of shoppers say they use Cyber Monday deal websites that aggregate deals from various retailers, and 49% say that they’ve learned about deals from the emails that retailers send out in the days leading up to December 1st. 39% of shoppers have been getting their info from social media, primarily Facebook and Twitter, and 33% of shoppers say the utilize newspapers and print ads. What you ought to be getting out of this is that if you haven’t sent any emails out to your list… you should! It’s not too late!

5 | 2013’s Black Friday sales were $1.512 billion, Cyber Monday were $2.085 billion

Two days, over $3.5 billion. That number is expected to increase this year!

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