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A Look Into the SkuVault Launch Process (From Start to Finish)

Posted by Avery Walts on Feb 7, 2019
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So you’re considering SkuVault as your warehouse and inventory management solution. Great!
We understand the idea of implementing a software like this can feel overwhelming. Lucky for you, we’ve assembled a team of hands on customer service members to make your SkuVault implementation a breeze. This post is an exclusive look into the SkuVault launch process from start to finish.


The level of customer support clients receive is based on the on-boarding and training package they purchase. Let’s dive into the steps that occur during the pre-launch phase of your SkuVault package.

Once clients have purchased a SkuVault package, they are assigned to a member of the customer service team. Managed Package and lower receive a welcome email as well as any requested documentation. The Silver On-site Package and up receive a welcome phone call, any requested documentation, and an implementation plan that has been started. The implementation plan changes and evolves as the launch process progresses.

What is discussed during the pre-launch call?

The client’s SkuVault representative covers the bases on what they need to know about your business.

  • What do you sell?
  • How do you sell it?
  • What channels are you on?
  • Do you use channel management software?
  • Tell them how you fulfill orders.
  • What are your goals?
  • Do you have any pain points?

They try to get as much detail as possible to evaluate areas that may need more attention, and areas where they can reduce pain points.


Following the pre-launch call, the amount of calls clients receive per week to officially “launch” depends on the package level and specific needs of each client. After the pre-launch call, clients have a little bit of homework. Your SkuVault customer service member will ask you to enter in suppliers, brands, and classifications into SkuVault so they can build a strong foundation of information. This usually leads to smoother data entry later on.

Some clients are self-sufficient and by their second launch call and have already entered in all their information. Clients have access to the support portal that covers all areas of SkuVault. Others rely a little heavier on their service member, which can lead to a few more calls. In either scenario, clients are not expected to launch themselves entirely.

What is discussed during launch calls?

The calls center around preparing clients to go live, as we call it. Your customer service member covers SkuVault’s capabilities and how to apply them to your company’s practices. Some topics include defining workflows, replenishment of customers goods, how to resolve quantity discrepancies, how to create and place POs, integration data flow, etc. We understand that some of these things can be a bit scary to put into practice for the first time, so your SkuVault service member will walk you through each step multiple times.

"Really above and beyond. I'm very happy at the support we received. Excellent job."

Going live

After a round of preparation phone calls and emails with your SkuVault customer service member, it’s time to turn on inventory syncs and start fulfilling orders to go live. But before the big day, you will receive a refresher call to cover every area that is still a bit foggy. Your service member will also leave their schedule open on your go live date to make sure they can address any issues that might arise.

If you choose an on-site launch package option, your experience will be a little different. Having a SkuVault representative on-site during launch is extremely helpful. Now not only do clients have instantaneous support while going live, the customer service team member can also see all the little areas that need their attention that normally wouldn’t be brought up or addressed via phone. They find that having an on-site and initial observation leads to a much smoother launch.

The biggest thing that happens during an on-site that cannot happen on the phone is hands-on guided training. They are there with you showing you how to fulfill orders, walking with you through the warehouse, and answering any questions that pop up during the process immediately. It also ensures that any secondary issue is completed before they leave. The goal of an on-site launch is for new clients to use SkuVault for the first time on their own by the last day.


Your dedicated SkuVault customer service member is available to you past the launch period. However, if your level of guidance gets to a point where your service member sees you need steady help, they will encourage you to reach out to support. The support team members are more geared towards post-launch and have the time needed to devote to your specific needs. You can contact support directly at support@skuvault.com.

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