Announcing the Launch of SkuVault’s Redesigned Navigation

Announcing the Launch of SkuVault’s Redesigned Navigation

We’ve redesigned the SkuVault navigation with you in mind

You’ve given us tons of design and user-interface feedback over the past year – and we’ve been listening! We’ve made updates to address speed, mobile responsiveness, and general easiness on the eyes (if we may be so bold). As of today, you’ll get to see SkuVault’s new look for yourself, here’s a quick preview video of some of the changes you can expect.

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Paving the way for exciting new features

Is the new navigation easier to use, more mobile-friendly, and in general just prettier? We think so! But more than all of that, this new navigation is the first wave of a more extensive overhaul. This overhaul, which we’ve been calling “Operation Speedy Warehouse”, is geared toward making SkuVault faster, in terms of literal loading speed, as well as decreasing friction as much as possible for warehouse operations such as picking (wave & basic), QC, receiving, generating reports, and more.

Our new navigation provides a more modern and user-friendly interface for our clients. The new navigation toolbar and grid layout are now optimally designed for a more efficient management and function . Below is an example of what our app once looked like compared to our new look.





Full steam ahead

The new navigation will take effect on September 14th. If you’re not quite ready to make the leap, you’ll be able to toggle between the new navigation and the old by simply clicking the arrow at the top of the toolbar. We think you’re going to love this update and the flexibility it provides for future updates. It’s setting the stage for even bigger and better things to come.
At SkuVault we’re always improving. To make sure you are always up to date with the latest upgrades and information visit our blog. We post content geared toward helping you gain more knowledge about the warehouse and inventory management industry. At SkuVault we provide blog post that helps you improve your business right away.
Have any questions? Interested in seeing what SkuVault can do for your company? Go to our website and request a free demo and one of our sales representatives will be sure to get in contact with you.

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