ASD Market Week 2015

ASD Market Week 2015

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ASD MARKETWeek just wrapped up in Las Vegas, NV, and although this is our first time exhibiting, we at SkuVault can say we’ll definitely be exhibiting next year as well.


What is ASD Market Week?

ASD is a well-established trade show event held in Las Vegas twice a year. ASD MARKETWeek brings a tremendous amount of merchandise together into one location. ASD prides itself on being able to offer quality choices at every price point attracting up to 45,000 buyers and attendees from over 88 countries in a single year. Our product, SkuVault, is geared primarily toward eCommerce merchants, so for us it’s a great opportunity to meet up with current and prospective clients at all stages of the retail chain.


Why is ASD MAarket Week so Exciting?

ASD 2015 was extremely exciting because we were able to market SkuVault to a variety of businesses that can truly benefit from the organizational and ease of use aspects of SkuVault itself. ASD MARKETWeek offers a wonderful venue to network, share ideas, and learn about new products. The diversity and volume of attendees makes for a fun and exciting experience. That, along with the seemingly endless assortment of goods from across the world, certainly keeps your attention. The beauty of SkuVault is that it can work with any style of business, big or small and ASD 2015 was the perfect domain to meet

Why We’ll be Going Back Next Year:

We’ll absolutely be visiting ASD MARKETWeek again next year not only for the potential clients that we can meet, but for what we can learn about businesses in need of help with inventory and warehouse management. It is our goal at SkuVault to make life easier for business owners and their employees. Not only is ASD a venue to promote our efficient and easy to use product, but it is a place where we can see what our clients and potential want in an inventory management system.

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