Best Apps & Tips to Get You Started on Shopify

Best Apps & Tips to Get You Started on Shopify


  • Take advantage of what Shopify provides. Straight out of the box your Shopify theme will be equipped with coupon codes, gift cards, and the ability to load amazing apps. The apps can save you time, make you money, or help your business Grow as well! Shopify apps can be found in the Shopify App Store.
  • Smart Collections. Shopify includes great built-in tools, such as their Smart Collections, which allows your product collections to work for you. The biggest hurdle in this is to design your smart collections in a way that fits your business plan.
  • Choose your theme wisely – filtering is a must. Filtering products is an important feature to add to your collection pages. Being able to switch between sizes, sub-collections, or colors is going to be important to customers while shopping. Filters are not included in all Shopify themes, but can be implemented.filters filter
  • Go further. Consider allowing a professional to help jumpstart your eCommerce site, or to push it to the next level! At SkuVault, we believe that stores that sell amazing products should be amazing as well, and we include all services to get your store up and running; from consultation, design, development, launch, and to maintenance. Do yourself a favor and look into it, as it can save you a lot of hassle.

Apps We Recommend for Shopify

  • Abandon Aid is $10 per month; it emails customers who have left items in their cart – “abandoned” their cart, if you will. The automated email reminds the customer of their order and provides a link for them to come back to complete the sale.
  • Chimpified is an email marketing app that allows you to create campaigns to send out to your customers. The lower tiers are free, allowing you to build your list and your experience before committing to any sort of monthly fee.


  • Product Upsell is free app that makes it easy to upsell customers, by offering relevant add-on products to customers based on cart content.
  • Magic Zoom Plus is a one time fee of $69.00. This lets the customer to view your items at a much larger resolution, which helps to eliminate customer support issues and to encourage sales.


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