SkuVault Releases Containers

SkuVault Releases Containers


One of our biggest releases since SkuVault’s new look – Containers- is now available for all users!

Manageable Inventory

SkuVault saw a need to move inventory around a warehouse in organized units. As a result, containers were created to turn any pallet, box, or product holder into a movable location.

Users can now place multiple items into parent containers and when the parent moves all child containers and products move with it. Every move is accounted for on the transaction history page and can be easily searched for by code, sku, or container license plate.

                               containers1.png    containers2.png


Containers can hold up to 13 levels of product, although we recommend only 4-5 levels to make inventory easy to reach. Every level can be easily viewed on the inventory search page under the Drill Down label (see below).


Containers is an amazing feature that has opened the doors to even more Innovative releases to help you grow with your business.

To start using containers, check out our support docs and if you are having any issues submit a  support ticket.


  • License Plate – Unique identifier for a container.
  • Drill Down – A container’s drill down is the hierarchy of containers all the way up to the parent Location at the top level. For example, the drill down for a container called CON2 might be  A1[CON1 -> CON2]. In this example the container CON2 is found within another container CON1. CON1 is found directly under the parent Location A1.
  • Parent – The level above a container. A parent could be another container or the very top level, the parent location.
  • Parent Container – A container that holds another container.
  • Child Container – Used to describe the container that is within another container.


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