Countdown to Peak Season Calendar: Week 1 Recap

Countdown to Peak Season Calendar: Week 1 Recap

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What Happened in Week One

This week the calendar focused on how to create a killer marketing content strategy for peak season, how to improve your warehouse layout, choosing the best software systems that actually work, and optimizing your listings on marketplaces.

Here’s some of what you missed:

Smart Inventory Management Page

from SkuVault

Make more money with less inventory using this Smart Inventory Management guide. Everything you need to make your inventory smarter this peak season can be found on this page.

20 Tips & Strategies for Successful Holiday Marketing Campaigns 

from BigCommerce

eCommerce experts weigh in on tips for a sucessful holiday marketing campaign, including the importance of planning early and often, and how increasing email frequency during November and December boosts traffic and revenue.

How to Improve Your Warehouse Layout

from SkuVault

In order to have an efficient peak season, you need to have your warehouse layout organized. This includes doing things like gathering data on warehouse processes and defining segmented areas. 

Survival For Online Sellers Whitepaper

from Webgility

Learn how integrating all your online selling integrations into one can offer a more secure business. 

This Week’s eCommerce Influencer Tips

Each week we will be giving you exclusive tips from eCommerce influencers, so make sure to subscribe to our blog and download the calendar to stay on track! This week we have Robyn Johnson from Best From the Nest. Enjoy!


Where to find Robyn: 

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