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Countdown to Peak Season Calendar: Week 3 Recap


What Happened in Week Three

This week the calendar touched again on how to boost your site's traffic with a good content strategy, a webinar from Robyn Johson and Jason T. Smith, and how to connect all your applications seamlessly for your online store. 

Here's some of what you missed:


The Content Strategy to Triple eCommerce Traffic (and Exactly How to do it)

from BigCommerce

This blog post has great tips on how to harness the power of Google and social media to increase your website's traffic. 

Unlock Peak Season Success Webinar 

from SkuVault

Learn the essentials for peak season success, how to optimize your Amazon and eBay listings and processes, and eliminate costly mistakes with Robyn Johson and Jason T. Smith before peak season 2017! 

Get the Replay here!

How to Manage Rush, Maintain Stock and Sell More This Holiday

from Shopify Plus

In this blog post from Shopify Plus, statistics help explain th best ways to manage rush during peak season, and the importance of having an eCommerce solution that can handle a spike in demand. 

This Week's eCommerce Influencer Tips

Each week we will be giving you exclusive tips from eCommerce influencers, so make sure to subscribe to our blog and download the calendar to stay on track! This week we have founder and president of Retail Mavens, Cathy Wagner. 





Where to find Cathy: 


Avery Walts

Avery Walts is a Marketing Specialist at SkuVault. With seven years of journalism and nearly two years of marketing experience, she knows a thing or two about crafting a compelling storyline. She uses these skills to create content that engages, educates, and empowers business owners to optimize their warehouse and inventory processes. Outside of the office you can often find her in search of the next best Mexican restaurant.

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