Countdown to Peak Season Calendar: Week 4 Recap

Countdown to Peak Season Calendar: Week 4 Recap


What Happened in Week Four

This week the calendar centered around a whitepaper explaining the importance of optimizing your homepage for better results and how/where to find temporary warehouse workers for the holiday season. We also talked about the best strategies to beat the holiday shipping rush and featured an original guest post from our partner ShipStation. 

Here’s some of what you missed:


Key Elements of an eCommerce Homepage

from 121 eCommerce 

Learn how to better target your audience with mobile ad placements and location-targeted ad placements, as well as the basics like tracking via cookies. 

Warehouse Optimization 101

from SkuVault

As the title says, everything you need to know about the basics of warehouse optimization and the best practices to create an efficient warehouse. 

Are You Ready For Peak Season Performance?

from Magento

This Magento webinar shows you how to keep your eCommerce platform operating at peak performance during the holidays and other busy periods.

This Week’s eCommerce Influencer Tips

Each week we will be giving you exclusive tips from eCommerce influencers, so make sure to subscribe to our blog and download the calendar to stay on track! This week we have eBay’s official Dean of Education Jim “Griff” Griffith from eBay. Enjoy! 





Where to find Griff: 


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