FROM OUR CEO: Why SkuVault Isn’t an All-in-One

FROM OUR CEO: Why SkuVault Isn’t an All-in-One


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Dear Sellers,

These days, in the multichannel retail space, consolidation is everywhere. 

As our industry has grown, so too has the number of software providers offering better ways to manage inventory, ship products, route orders, and connect marketplaces. Maturation and now, consolidation, have followed. SkuVault has seen a handful of good competitors merge with much larger companies over the last 12 months. 

The reason for these acquisitions is clear: to force sellers to adopt “all-in-one” platforms cobbled together from the remnants of other companies. These platforms offer convenience and can impact multiple parts of the business, but they rarely deliver best-of-breed functionality in any one area. And their clients often lose the personalized, hands-on advice they need.

After starting and growing my own eCommerce business, I co-founded SkuVault based on the values of transparency and free thought. We believe our clients, not giant vendors, should choose the technology that’s right for their business. 

It’s why our teams have decades of combined experience to guide – never force – our clients to the right choices in software. It’s why we built SkuVault to integrate with the best of breed solutions in shipping, order routing, and elsewhere. It’s why SkuVault continues to grow without investment from big software providers.

We believe the best way to grow your businesses is with integrated technology from the world’s best vendors, not an all-in-one solution that trades effectiveness for the perception of convenience. We remain independent and growing so we can stay committed to that belief, and so our team continues to deliver the guidance upon which more than 1,100 clients rely.

We hope you’ll join us in that commitment. 

Andy Eastes

Co-founder and CEO


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