It's time for a smarter warehouse.


Lokad IntegrationData solutions for supply chain optimization Lokad develops big data solutions for commerce. Turn data into profits with demand forecasting, inventory optimization, phantom inventory detection, out-of-shelf monitoring or merchandising optimization. In particular, Lokad supports SkuVault through Salescast, an inventory optimization web app tailored for online merchants and long tail sales patterns. Schedule a Demo … Continue reading "Lokad"


Anvizent IntegrationMaximize profitability and improve service levels with data-driven insights Take control of your business like never before. Anvizent integrates your SkuVault, ERP, shop floor, financials, legacy and other account data into one platform to provide a single, unified view of your business. Visualize, blend, and merge data to get the answers you need, when … Continue reading "Anvizent"