Introducing: SkuVault’s Netsuite Integration

Introducing: SkuVault’s Netsuite Integration


We are thrilled to announce our newest integration with Netsuite.

The integration will successfully allow Netsuite users to have better visibility into their inventory inside Netsuite, and take advantage of SkuVault’s more advanced inventory management features.

The combination of SkuVault’s inventory and warehouse management needs with Netsuite’s ERP software is sure to take your business to the next level.

The ability for your inventory management software to seamlessly connect with your existing software stack is a crucial component in moving your business forward.

Here’s how this cloud-to-cloud integration can supercharge your business processes:


Our integration with Netsuite has a bi-directional purchase order sync. This means that your Purchase Orders can sync from SkuVault to Netsuite or from Netsuite to SkuVault.

This allows you to be flexible on where you want your Purchase Order processes to live. For more information on the field mappings between the two software platforms, please visit our support portal


Seamlessly sync your sales orders from Netsuite to SkuVault to continue your fulfillment processes in SkuVault.

The orders sync every 10 minutes and then SkuVault will push adjusted inventory back out to Netsuite. This helps prevent oversells and inventory stock issues every five minutes.

SkuVault will then further automate the picking process, making your warehouse inventory easy to track while minimizing errors. Utilize paper pick lists or digital picking, and customize your workflows based on what is best for your business.

You’ll easily be able to find what needs to be picked and where to pick it from FAST. 


This integration offers you the ability to pull product information from Netsuite into Skuvault so you can easily make inventory adjustments in one place.

This will tighten up your business processes and make for a more unified workflow for the employees who are managing the platform.

On average, our clients achieve a reduction in operations cost by up to 30% and see a 100% return on investment within the first 90 days of implementation


Our quick inventory sync runs every 5 minutes with an additional full inventory sync every 12 hours to increase accuracy and quality control

Simple errors on the quantity level can result in overselling or out-of-stocks, which can damage your feedback rating and reviews. Lower feedback ratings can reduce your likelihood of capturing and keeping the Buy Box, which can have a drastic effect on sales.

Quick syncs between Netsuite and SkuVault will ensure you know exactly what you have on hand. 

As one of the leading ERP and omnichannel commerce software providers, NetSuite is a respected partner for transforming how businesses operate.  We’re excited to help empower more organizations with deeper visibility into their inventory while using software they already know and trust. This integration is a powerhouse!

Want to learn how you can supercharge your business by integrating Netsuite with SkuVault? Reach out to one of our Consultants to learn more!

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