Inventory Management for eCommerce – Software & Process

Inventory Management for eCommerce – Software & Process


Inventory management can be one of the trickiest parts of eCommerce. Large orders from multiple selling locations and the need to manage several warehouses at once leave a lot of room for human error. Tracking purchase orders, knowing when to restock your inventory, and working with suppliers complicate matters further. A solid, integrated eCommerce inventory management system can help eliminate many if not all of the problems associated with eCommerce inventory to save you time and money.

SkuVault provides everything you need to manage your eCommerce inventory efficiently and effectively. It is a comprehensive system that takes all the particular needs of eCommerce retailers into account to reduce error, improve workflow, and, ultimately, increase your revenues.

eCommerce’s Particular Needs

Any eCommerce inventory management process has to keep the specific and unique needs of eCommerce in mind to be successful. Inventory and warehouse management cover a wide range of processes, such as receiving, re-ordering, kitting, packing, shipping, returns, reporting, and quality control—just to name a few.

If you are an online retailer, chances are good that you are selling through multiple outlets, such as eBay, Amazon, your own online shop, and other web stores. Chances are equally good that you do not have separate warehouses dedicated to each of your marketplaces, and that you need to consolidate your information for all sales from all outlets if you are going to be able to accurately track your inventory.

These multiple marketplaces also emphasize the need for real-time updates on sales. Ideally these instant updates will come in the form of synced inventory quantities, so that as soon as a sale comes in that would lower a quantity of a particular SKU to zero, the inventory management system will automatically feed that information back to your various marketplaces, thus removing out-of-stock items from online selection to prevent overselling. Once that SKU’s quantity is republished, the item will be again available for sale on those various marketplaces.

If you do have multiple warehouses, or sell through web stores using fulfillment centers, consolidating your information about inventory at each location in a centralized database will reduce or eliminate the over- or under-ordering of products and streamline the process of maintaining your inventory. This will save you time and money, and will help improve customer feedback.

Keeping track of all of these factors carries high chances of human error. Even the most efficiently monitored warehouses still need human employees to keep everything moving, after all, and human employees can make mistakes. Using eCommerce inventory software simplifies the processes, particularly when that software is integrated with barcode scanners used by the retailer. A quick scan can instantly update the centralized system, allowing retailers to track inventory, orders, returns, and everything else.

By consolidating information about your marketplaces and warehouses, and minimizing human error by integrating your inventory software with scanner technology, you can eliminate many of the problems that plague eCommerce and start maximizing your revenues. The SkuVault warehouse management system offers all of these integrative solutions.

How SkuVault Can Help

SkuVault’s eCommerce inventory management software allows you to track all the inner workings of each of your warehouses in one network to simplify every aspect of inventory management. SkuVault allows you to track every piece of inventory, be it inside your warehouse or already in transit to an Amazon fulfillment center, in as few steps as possible and with minimal error. The integrative system also allows you to combine all of your stores and much of your software.

SkuVault allows you to make the most of the barcode scanners used by your warehouse employees. Our user-friendly interface allows you to create products, add or remove quantities, and then track items’ movements. This is the only system you will need for cycle counting, ordering, quality control, and even expanding into new marketplaces and reaching new customers.

With SkuVault, you can also easily integrate many marketplaces and web stores, including Amazon, eBay, Bigcommerce, Magento, Shopify,Volusion, and more. This allows you to instantly update all of your online stores with the actual state of your physical inventory in your warehouses, which prevents overselling and the headaches that come with it. SkuVault also integrates with the channel management system ChannelAdvisor, which can integrate with those marketplaces, web stores, and more! These integrations also give you timely sales and re-order reports to help you make informed ordering and purchasing decisions.

In addition to web store integrations, SkuVault can integrate with QuickBooks Online to simplify your accounting: you will only need to enter the information once to have it recorded in all systems. SkuVault will even automatically average costs to help you trace the financial burden of a given product.

You can also integrate with shipping platforms, including ShipWorks and ShipStation. Your system will alert workers if they are attempting to ship an item that has no open order. This will reduce mishaps, help workers save time, and keep customers happy.

This software integrates all aspects of inventory management: the inventory itself, marketplaces through which that inventory is sold, accounting software that tracks revenue, and shipping platforms that distribute your products. By linking barcode scanners to a fully integrated system, you all but eliminate human error: your workers simply scan the barcode on an inventory item, and every other element of your business is quickly updated.

With the right inventory management software, you can therefore minimize overselling, shipping mistakes, returns, and slow restocking. Your employees will appreciate the streamlined process, and you will appreciate the elimination of error. The improved inventory management will lead to better buyer feedback and help you expand into new marketplaces while solidifying the marketplaces you exist in now. All of this, of course, will increase revenues, giving you the financial backing needed for further success.

Get Started Today

Incorporating SkuVault into your existing warehouse management could not be easier. Our trained team can walk you through every step of the setup process, and can assist you on site if need be. We even have financing options available for businesses that need help getting started. Once this software has helped you increase your sales and reduce errors, you will have earned enough to reimburse the startup costs.

SkuVault was developed by people with a real-world background in eCommerce. Benefit from their decades of experience and improve your eCommerce inventory management by setting yourself up with SkuVault.

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