IRCE 2014

IRCE 2014


The Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition, aka IRCE 2014, just wrapped up in Chicago, IL, and although this is our first time exhibiting, we at SkuVault can say we’ll definitely be exhibiting next year as well.

What is IRCE 2014?

IRCE 2014 is celebrating its 10th year as the world’s largest eCommerce conference and exhibition, and “world’s largest” is no exaggeration. This year they were anticipating over 10,000 attendees, and based on what we experienced, that sounds about right. As aforementioned, this is our first year exhibiting, although we’ve been attending the conference for years. Our product, SkuVault, is geared primarily toward eCommerce merchants, so for us it’s a great opportunity to meet up with current and prospective clients.

Why is IRCE 2014 so Exciting?

IRCE 2014 was extremely exciting because we were able to market SkuVault to a variety of businesses that can truly benefit from the organizational and ease of use aspects of SkuVault itself. Many of the potential clients that we spoke to have no Warehouse Management System within their business; this hampers them from achieving their full potential, in the end, many of them were able to see that SkuVault could help their business not only achieve warehouse optimization, but help them make more money! It was an exciting challenge to show each potential how SkuVault can work specifically for their business model; the beauty of SkuVault is that it can work with any style of business, big or small.

Why we’ll be going back next year:

We’ll be visiting IRCE again next year not only for the potential clients that we can meet, but for what we can learn about the growth of eCommerce. IRCE had thousands of attendees and around 2,000 vendor booths. With the growth of eCommerce we have to stay on top of the newest and most efficient applications and systems that help our eCommerce clients grow. Not only is IRCE a venue to sell our efficient and easy to use product, but it is a place where we can see what our competitors have to offer, how we can offer something better, and learn how we can grow to continue to fit and fluctuate with our ever changing and growing client base. 

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