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Managing Your Inventory on Multiple Channels

Posted by Emilie Fritsch on Jul 31, 2014

We did a guest post for Wiser on the subject of managing your inventory across multiple channels! Excerpt:

Managing your inventory as an eCommerce retailer is becoming more and more challenging due to the evolution of customers into “multichannel” shoppers. For the uninitiated, a “channel” in eCommerce refers to a venue through which products are sold – Amazon, eBay, international versions of those marketplaces such as Amazon UK or eBay AU, and your own personal eCommerce site created via a service like Shopify, Magento, or Bigcommerce – these are all considered “channels”, and although they certainly increase exposure to your brand, managing your inventory across several simultaneously can present a bit of a problem if you don’t utilize an inventory system. An integrated retail inventory system allows retailers to more tightly control the flow of merchandise into stores and manage a myriad of multichannel shopping scenarios. Read the rest!.

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