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Infographic: Who's to Blame for Out-Of-Stocks?

Posted by Dominique Robinson on Oct 18, 2016

Most people would agree that it is difficult, if not impossible, for everyone to have the same opinion on a topic. However, I am sure online retailers would all agree that there is nothing worse than losing sales because of out-of-stocks. Every minute that ticks by while waiting for more inventory to arrive is another dollar that slips away, never to be seen again.

While online sellers know this pain all too well, they too often do not realize what it is costing their business. Check out this infographic about the cost of out-of-stocks and how you can stop losing today!

out of stocks infographic


As you can see, Out-of-stocks are responsible for 4.1% of lost revenue for the average seller, but they're preventable! To learn more, read Prevent Out-of-Stocks in 5 Easy Steps, or click the link below to give SkuVault a try!


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