Package Insurance and Ways to Avoid Theft

Package Insurance and Ways to Avoid Theft


Have you ever considered adding package insurance when you ship?

Millions of packages are shipped and received daily, but did you know that theft and pilferage are ongoing problems for both commercial and individual shippers? Our partners, U-PIC Insurance Services, offer package insurance up to 85% less than the carriers charge. Claims are virtually paperless and are processed by licensed, in-house adjusters in 7-10 business days.

Here are some unique tips on how to enhance your parcel security and protect yourself and your customers from the disappointment and the cost of stolen packages.

Don’t Draw Attention To Your Package

If you are a high value shipper, don’t put your company name on the return address which might give hints to what’s inside. Use initials for your company or a generic name such as “distribution center” with your business address. Don’t use a box or tape with your company’s name on it. Sure it might have marketing benefits, but it also telegraphs the package’s possible contents.

Use Generic Security Tape

Security tape is more difficult to cut through and clearly shows evidence of tampering when your carrier delivers. At the point of delivery, it is easier to note tampering to the carrier which enhances your position should you need to file a claim. Don’t imprint your company name on the tape either. 

Complete Package Scanning

Use a mode of delivery that provides detailed tracking information so that you know the complete status and position of your shipment. This is especially crucial when shipping valuable international shipments. We’ve seen cases where a loss is claimed, but the package is actually at the recipient’s post office, freight office, or customs awaiting payment of taxes or duties. Lastly, make sure your carrier scans the package into their system when it is picked up. Professional grafters will profess non-delivery when they see the package was never scanned at drop off and tracking is not possible. This is especially prevalent when using USPS.

Make Sure Any Barcodes Are Securely Attached to Your Package

Removal of the bar code in transit is a common way for the package to disappear en route. This includes any packaging or address label that contains a tracking barcode. 

Use a Strong Packing Box

Don’t skimp on the quality or strength of your box. A box with low burst strength is an accident waiting to happen. A flimsy box is more easily tampered with. Be generous in the use of heavy duty packaging security tape and make sure all box seems are covered. 

Advise the Recipient That the Package is on Its Way With a Tracking Number

Fill the entire box with appropriate cushioning material. Bubble wrap or small air filled bags keep your content from moving to prevent breakage. Wrap individual pieces. Rattling could also be a tip off of contents. Consider double boxing small valuable items like jewelry or watches to prevent quick cutting of your box and removal of contents. If shipping small valuable items such as jewelry, coins or watches, add to the weight of the box and size up. A very small, light-weight box is a tip-off that a valuable commodity is inside. 

Confirm the delivery address so that any errors are correct in advance of attempted delivery 

Require a Signature Confirmation

This ensures your package is handed to the recipient and not left at the door where it could be stolen. This is especially important for delivery to apartments. 

Purchase Shipping Insurance From a Third Party Insurer

Carriers specialize in delivering packages, not insurance. They charge high prices for insurance and some carriers are not well equipped to handle claims promptly. U-PIC Insurance Services has been in business for over 25 years and offers insurance underwritten by a global inland marine carrier at rates up to 85% of what carriers charge for insurance. More importantly, they are experts in claims processing and in the event of a loss, can get you reimbursement with all documentation within 7-10 working days.

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U-PIC Insurance Services, Inc., is the leader in providing low cost shipping insurance
to businesses and U-PIC Insurance Services, Inc.individuals. Packages are covered against damage, loss and theft with a savings of up to 85% less than what the carriers charge. Claims are virtually paperless and are processed by our team of licensed, in-house adjusters in 7-10 business days. U-PIC offers low competitive rates, referral programs and fast, automated online claims processing. U-PIC has been insuring packages since 1989 and is underwritten by the Navigators Group, Inc., an international specialty insurance holding company. U-PIC is based in Agoura Hills, California.

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