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PRI2014 Indianapolis Review

Posted by Emilie Fritsch on Nov 17, 2014


PRI2014 is the #1 trade show to get a jump start on the 2015 racing season and experience the absolute latest in performance technology and products all under one roof. It offers educational seminars and conferences, social gatherings, and more.

What is PRI2014 for SkuVault?

Our product, SkuVault, is built with the product kitting & bundling features that are so important to the automotive industry and online retailers; many automotive sellers sell “lots“ of items that have multiple listings for the same item, and those listings need to share quantity. Many items are available for sale online on their own, but are also available as a kit (multiple parts in one listing). This feature in SkuVault allows sellers to automate kits and alternates, simplifying the whole process. PRI (Performance Racing Industry) 2014 is an opportunity for the SkuVault crew to mingle with our many automotive clients, meet new potential clients that could use help managing their inventory, and to see some sweet cars!

Why is PRI2014 so exciting?

Aside from the awesome cars and friendly people, PRI is a great learning experience. There are so many interesting sub-industries to learn about and understand within the PRI world: Manufacturing, Safety Equipment, Fuels, Oils, and Lubricants, Parts/Components, Distribution, and more.



Awesome cars, interesting sub-industries, cool displays, hot new products, beautiful models, the list goes on and on!


We will be making another trip to Indianapolis next year for the PRI conference to continue our learning experience to better understand how SkuVault can help business within the PRI sector and while doing so spread our knowledge of warehouse inventory management. If you met up with us at the show, or would like to get in touch, amble on over to our Conferences page and give us a shout out! We'd love to hear your thoughts about PRI!

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