Seahorse Enterprises Ended Overselling With SkuVault

Seahorse Enterprises Ended Overselling With SkuVault


Seahorse Enterprises Profile

Seahorse Enterprises is a retailer whose subsidiary, Baby Cubby, sells baby gear and clothing in-store and online. Everything they do is focused on helping parents find the safest and best products, and reminding parents how important their role is, while creating a fun shopping environment.

Solution Partners: Amazon, eBay, Magento 

Market: USA

Industry: Baby Gear and Clothing



Constant overselling and overstocks 

Cameron Muir started Baby Cubby to help new parents find peace of mind while they shop for the best products for their little ones. The problem was that between managing inventory across four Magento stores and cross-selling items on Amazon and eBay, Baby Cubby struggled to find its own peace of mind. Cameron explained, “Previous to SkuVault, we manually entered inventory into each channel for selling, and completely left inventory unmanaged on our Magento channels.” This resulted in constant overselling and out-of-stocks leading to lower customer satisfaction and higher customer service costs.


SkuVault has been instrumental in streamlining our warehouse processes along with lowering our customer service costs and increasing our customer satisfaction.”  



Cloud-based solution with channel integration 

Cameron chose SkuVault because it was a cloud-based solution that would integrate with all of the channels that Seahorse Enterprises used, its affordable price tag, and its ability to grow with the company from one user to many. “SkuVault has been instrumental in streamlining our warehouse processes along with lowering our customer service costs and increasing our customer satisfaction,” Cameron said. “Now our correct inventory syncs immediately to all of our channels, and correctly notifies us of low and out-of-stock items. Before, we often missed low stock items because we were manually monitoring through inventory counts.”



Reduced out-of-stocks, mis-picks/mis-ships

With the help of SkuVault, Seahorse Enterprises was able to drastically reduce the amount of costly problems that can occur in multi-channel eCommerce businesses. By the numbers, they reduced out-of-stocks from 10% to 1%, mis-picks from 2% to .05%, mis-ships from 2% to .05%, average fulfillment time from 12 hours to 10 hours, and increased orders from 150 to 250 per day – that’s a 66.7% increase! “If we didn’t have SkuVault we would have a lot more out-of-stock products resulting in less sales and more backorders…,” Cameron said. “SkuVault’s Magento integration has been critical in helping us to correctly manage and control our inventory through all of our channels.”


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