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SkuVault 2013 Feature Report: Pt. 1

Posted by Emilie Fritsch on Dec 31, 2013

annual_reportWelcome to part one of the First Annual SkuVault 2013 Feature Report! We'd like to thank all of our amazing developers for putting out so many great features this year; keep up the great work, everyone!

We've decided to categorize this year's new features based on how our clients utilize SkuVault. Part one contains new features related to Transactions ( add / remove / pick items ), Audit, Products, and Kits & Alternates, among others.


  • The charts now show Total Cost of the full inventory on hand.
  • Shows total inventory by specific warehouse, or by all warehouses combined.


  • Code search by SKU: You can now modify code within the search dialog on the fly!
  • Inventory Search: Ability to search by description.
  • Inventory Search: Shows total SKUs, total lines, total quantity on hand and total cost.
  • Inventory Search: Ability to move item to a different location from within inventory search results.

Transactions ( Add / Remove / Pick Items )

  • Import/Export: Added ability to import and export inventory transactions (Add, Remove, Pick).
  • History: New reports are now available through Reports->Transaction History. You can see all transactions or filter by Transaction Type and Transaction Reason.
  • Multiple Warehouses: Transactions for specific warehouse. The feature gets enabled only if there's more than one warehouse.
  • Remove/Pick: A warning is shown if available quantity would go below zero as result of a transaction.
  • Pick: A history of the most recent 10 picks is now accessible. On page refresh, or if you navigate away, the history is cleared.
  • Pick: Added ability to lock sale ID when "Express Quality Control on Pick" is enabled.


  • Quickly recount items in a location, by replacing current items in that location with scanned items.
  • Details button now shows additional product information, and allows you to change product code or SKU on the fly!
  • Added ability to move item to a different location within Audit.

Create Product

  • Added "Weight" as a Property: Now you can specify weight for products in ounces, pounds, or kilograms.
  • Added ability to print product barcodes for the new product right from within the Create Product page.
  • Price: Added support for a product's Sale Price and Retail Price.
  • SKU: When entering a SKU, all characters are now valid (A-Z, 0-9, !@#$%^&()_-+=;<>'"/?`~, etc.).


  • Product Label: Added ability to print product sale price and retail price.
  • Product List: It's now possible to sort by classification or description.
  • Product List: Added a tooltip helper to "Available Quantity", which shows your quantity on hold for a given product.
  • Import: Added ability to print labels for imported products.
  • Export: Added options to export Quantities and Picture URLs.

Kits & Alternate Products

  • Now live!
  • It's now possible to bulk create kits using an import file.
  • Added the ability to export kits; this includes kits structure and available quantity.
  • Added ability to mass update Kit Code, Kit SKU, and Kit Description via CSV import file.

More new features in 2013:

Part Two: Sales, Pick Lists, Quality Control, and Holds
Part Three: User Accountability, Brands, Classifications, Locations, and Warehouses
Part Four: Integrations such as ChannelAdvisor, Amazon, ShipWorks, Shopify, ShipStation, and more!

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