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SkuVault 2013 Feature Report: Pt. 4

Posted by Emilie Fritsch on Dec 31, 2013


Welcome to part four of the First Annual SkuVault 2013 Feature Report! We'd like to thank all of our amazing developers for putting out so many great features this year; keep up the great work, everyone!

We've decided to categorize this year's new features based on how our clients utilize SkuVault. Part four contains new features related to integrations such as ChannelAdvisor, Amazon, ShipWorks, Shopify, ShipStation, and more!

ChannelAdvisor Integration

  • UPC changes can now be synced into CA, in addition to inventory and orders sync.
  • ChannelAdvisor Sync Report: Shows details about the last full inventory sync. It provides information about which items are in CA with quantity and not in SkuVault, and vice versa.


  • Orders shipped in CA (or any other channel) can be synced just as 'ready to ship'. This is useful if you print shipping labels before you pick (thus marking order shipped in the channel), but you pick and ship the actual order later. This is turned off by default and you need to turn it on in Admin -> Settings.

Amazon Integration

  • Orders come into SkuVault for reporting, preventing oversells, and calculating true available quantities.

ShipWorks Integration

  • Through Admin->Shipworks, it's possible to turn orders and weight sync on. Do not turn this on if orders are synced using other channels, as this can lead to duplicate orders.

Shopify Integration

  • Download sales from Shopify,
  • Syncs quantities from SkuVault into your Shopify store.

ShipStation Integration

  • Sync sales and item locations.
  • Download sales from ShipStation into SkuVault.

Teapplix Integration

  • Sync sales, item locations, and inventory quantity.
  • Download sales from Teapplix into SkuVault.

Brand Retailers Integration

  • Sync both orders and inventory quantity.


  • It's now possible to export files needed to integrate with Lokad Salescast.

More new features in 2013:

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