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SkuVault 2014 Feature Report: Pt. 1

Posted by Emilie Fritsch on Dec 31, 2014


Welcome to part one of our second annual SkuVault Feature Report: 2014 edition! We'd like to thank all of our amazing developers for putting out so many great features this year; keep up the great work, everyone!

We've decided to categorize this year's new features based on how our clients utilize SkuVault. Part one contains new features related to Transactions ( add / remove / pick items ), Currency, Purchasing & Receiving, among others.


  • Now shows sales information, and updates in real time. Performance has been improved.
  • Shows total inventory by specific warehouse, or by all warehouses combined.


  • Search by SKU: Anywhere you can search by code you can now search by full SKU as well.

Transactions ( Add / Remove / Pick Items )

  • Add: Express add can remember the last location item was added to even if there's no item in stock. This needs to be turned on in settings.
  • Auto-Remove (also known as Auto-Pick): Added support to automatically remove items from inventory when sale is completed, thus bypassing pick. Contact support to have this feature turned on.
  • Pick: Added "Check Against Order on Pick" setting.
  • Audio Picking: Added a new setting for audio picking. This mode will allow the picker to pick without seeing or interacting with the computer. All errors and successes will be alerted with appropriate sounds. Error messages will not require interaction, allowing the picker to retry the pick without returning to the computer.
  • Pick: New admin setting to allow or disallow specifying pick quantity.
  • Express Remove: Added support for express remove, similar to express pick.


  • Added ability to specify fraction size for anywhere that currency is shown (cost, price). Default size is 2 digits. This can be changed in Admin -> Settings.

Purchase Orders & Receiving

  • Now live!
  • Receiving: Added support for printing labels.
  • Receiving: Show the quantity ordered on the PO receiving page. This feature is off by default and must be turned on by going to Admin > Settings page.
  • PO: Added support to add items to PO by part number (MPN). Part number is also now included in PO export.
  • PO: Added ability to create PO via an import.
  • PO Export: Added ability to export PO into a PDF. One PO per PDF file.
  • Create PO: Added support to quickly create products with variations.
  • PO: Added support to update product cost using cost average when items are received. This ability is off by default and must be turned on.
  • Express Receive: Automatically sets the current receiving quantity to the ordered quantity.
  • PO Export: Added ability to customize export look through custom templates.

More new features in 2014:

Part Two: Products, Kits & Alternates, Printing, Pick Lists
Part Three: Quality Control, Hold, Sales, and Reorder Report
Part Four: Integrations, such as Bigcommerce, Magento, Volusion, eBay, QuickBooks Online, & more

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