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SkuVault 2014 Feature Report: Pt. 2

Posted by Emilie Fritsch on Dec 31, 2014


Welcome to part two of our second annual SkuVault Feature Report: 2014 edition! We'd like to thank all of our amazing developers for putting out so many great features this year; keep up the great work, everyone!

We've decided to categorize this year's new features based on how our clients utilize SkuVault. Part two contains new features related to Products, Kits & Alternates, Printing, Pick Lists, among others.

Create Product

  • Added support for quickly creating variations.


  • Product Import: Added support to specify supplier.
  • Product Import: Added support for importing lists of brands & suppliers.
  • Added initial support for alternate codes per SKU.
  • Part Numbers: Added new field to products - part number (aka MPN). Part number is now also supported when importing or updating products.


  • Available Inventory Export: Added “UPC” and “Hold Quantity” fields to export.

Kits & Alternate Products

  • Label Printing: Barcode labels can now be printed for Kit products directly from the Kit List.
  • Label Printing: Added the ability to print barcode labels for Alternate codes.
  • Import: Added support for importing alternate product codes.
  • Alternate codes can be used to track manufacturer serial numbers (MSNs).


  • Print Node: We moved away from Google Cloud print in favor of Print Node for all cloud printing.
  • Selected printer and orientation is now saved for the duration of the login session.
  • Label Printing: New 2.25 x 0.75 inch label layout.
  • Label Printing: New 4 x 2.5 inch label layout.
  • Label Printing: New layout option for 3 x 1 inch, and 3 x 2 inch, with large-font SKUs.
  • Label Printing: Added a modified layout location label for 8.5 x 11 inch.

Pick Lists

  • Added setting to allow marking sales as printed when exporting PDF or CSV.
  • Pick List Printing: Now shows the full pick list preview, instead of just 100 orders/items, with pagination for pick lists over 100 orders/items.
  • Generate Pick list: Added the ability to filter by SKU or code.
  • Generate Pick list: Added a new option for the “Out of Stock” and “Not Found” Product filters, to allow hiding partially OOS or NFP orders.

More new features in 2014:

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Part Three: Quality Control, Hold, Sales, and Reorder Report
Part Four: Integrations, such as Bigcommerce, Magento, Volusion, eBay, QuickBooks Online, & more

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