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SkuVault 2014 Feature Report: Pt. 3

Posted by Emilie Fritsch on Dec 31, 2014


Welcome to part three of our second annual SkuVault Feature Report: 2014 edition! We'd like to thank all of our amazing developers for putting out so many great features this year; keep up the great work, everyone!

We've decided to categorize this year's new features based on how our clients utilize SkuVault. Part three contains new features related to Quality Control, Hold, Sales, and Reorder Report, among others.

Quality Control

  • QC On Pick: Added support for notifications to show the item quantity still needed to be picked and passed for the sale.
  • Added an optional setting that allows auto passing item as soon as it's scanned.
  • Added setting to hide QC page, or QC express, or both, for those who don’t utilize the features.
  • QC History: Added QC transaction report. It's a new tab on QC History page.
  • Added a button to refresh sale items. This button will only show after an error has occured due to an unkown item/kit.
  • QC on Pick: Added support for kits.
  • Full QC: Added separate tab to QC by item.


  • Added support to search inventory from within the holds page.
  • Added description field for notes.
  • Added ability to import Holds.
  • Added ability to export Holds.


  • Sales Report: Now supports kits and uses cost of product at the time sale happened (only for new sales).
  • Sales Report: Optimized to be faster and added initial support to filter by values in columns.
  • Sales Sync: Added setting (off by default) to ignore syncing pending sales. This would ensure that only ready to ship sales are synced.
  • Import Sales: Added support for importing sales.
  • Sales Sync: Added setting to prevent Completed sales from going back to Ready To Ship. This is especially useful if shipped sales are being synced as Ready To Ship.
  • The sales view page now contains a separate view to see orders with the status of Shipped: Unpaid. Support for this status has also been added to the create sale page and in sale import.
  • Sale Information: Added a button that will refresh items in a sale. This is useful if the sale was created before the items.
  • Sales Import: Added ability to import Purchase Order sales as sales into SkuVault.
  • Added ability to edit existing sale in Sale Information view.
  • Sales Report: A new “sales by date” report has been added to the sales report page.

Reorder Report

  • Added reorder forecasting, with ability to create a Purchase Order automatically based on report results.
  • Added “Margin” and “Turn Rate” columns.
  • FBA quantities now included.


  • Quantity Export: New report added to export quantities by warehouse.


  • Quantity Export: New report added to export quantities by warehouse.

More new features in 2014:

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