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SkuVault Accepts the Hot Dozen 2013 Award

hot dozen

We're honored to be a recipient of GLI Enterprise Corp's Hot Dozen 2013 Award! There's media coverage of the event available for perusal on our Press page, and we've gathered a few pictures of the event below.

GLI is proud to recognize 12 of the best and brightest startups in our community. These companies are well-positioned to do big things, and we look forward to celebrating their continuing success.

Emilie Fritsch

Emilie Fritsch is the Brand Director at SkuVault, and over the last seven years, she has cultivated a personal and professional passion for growing small businesses and their brands. From your website's product listing page design to your transactional emails' messaging, from your customer service reps' tone on the phone to the accuracy and promptness of the orders you send out - growing a brand and creating a unique and pleasant customer experience is a team effort, and Emilie is dedicated to making sure your team is on the right track.

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