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SkuVault CEO Accepts Young Alumnus Award from DeSales HS

Posted by Gabrielle Green on Sep 29, 2016
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SkuVault CEO Andy Eastes accepts DeSales Young Alumnus of the Year Award in 2016SkuVault’s CEO and DeSales High School alum, Andy Eastes, was awarded theYoung Alumnus of the Year Award at the 2016 Hall of Honors Awards Dinner. The award recognizes a graduate younger than 30 years of age with outstanding professional accomplishments, strength of character, and personal commitment to the mission of DeSales High School.

2006 DeSales alum, Andy Eastes, is an entrepreneur with a passion for eCommerce and process improvement. Eastes co-founded the inventory management system, SkuVault, in 2011 under Agile Harbor LLC. SkuVault was created as a solution to the inventory hassles at a Louisville-based eCommerce business. SkuVault has grown from a 3 employee Startup into an established and thriving business with over 50 employees and 500+ clients.

“DeSales was a nurturing environment that provided me the mentoring and guidance I needed as a teenager. The staff and teachers were what made the school for me! I was honored to accept the Young Alumnus Award.” expressed Andy Eastes, the CEO of SkuVault.

The DeSales High School Hall of Honors was created in 1992 and became an annual ceremony in 2005. The ceremony is known for its accomplished list of guest speakers and the designation of Hall of Honors Inductees.The 2016 dinner features special guest such as Greg Fisher (Mayor of Louisville), James Allen (CEO of Hilliard Lyons) and Pat Day (Kentucky Derby winning jockey).


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