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SkuVault Development Diary: Intro

Posted by Emilie Fritsch on Nov 20, 2014

We asked software engineer Rinat Abdullin to assist in some development work with SkuVault, and not only is Rinat already contributing to make SkuVault more awesome, he's also decided to detail his experiences on his blog! You can feel free to check his blog for updates, and we'll also be aggregating his posts into quarterly updates here on the SkuVault blog.

An excerpt:

Getting started with SkuVault. In the beginning we discussed with Slav the most immediate challenges related to software, maintenance and ongoing business growth.

  • Short-term challenges revolve around logging and statistics aggregation.
  • Mid-term challenges are about scaling the software in response to business growth andimproving performance.
  • Long-term objectives: simplifying the design of front-end and back-end, making it easier to add some required features.

About Rinat:

rinatRinat Abdullin is a software engineer who spent 10 years in .NET before deflecting to Linux. Along the way he learned from awesome people, contributed to the IDDD book, designed architecture of a social website and helped to deliver big data analytics for retail in the cloud.
Rinat helps teams to scale applications and deal with complex legacy software. He shares his experience in the blog at abdullin.com.

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