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SkuVault Development Diary: Q1 2015

Posted by Emilie Fritsch on Apr 13, 2015

Software engineer, Rinat Abdullin, assists us with some development work, and graciously details his experiences on his blog. You can check out his blog for updates, and we also aggregate his posts into quarterly updates here on the SkuVault blog!

Excerpts from Rinat's most recent post, Retrospective of 2015 Q1:

A new software design has been developed and our brand new feature, Wave Picking, has been implemented within the new design. The design is tailored for use in further development and constructed to serve customers better in the upcoming years. Both design and feature have been a success! Benefits of the new design will come forth in the next quarters of 2015.

Details about the infrastructure, software design, and development process can be found here.

Scaling and stability is the primary focus for Q2 2015!

 About Rinat:

Rinat Abdullin is a software engineer who spent 10 years in .NET before deflecting to Linux. Along the way he learned from awesome people, contributed to the IDDD book, designed architecture of a social website and helped to deliver big data analytics for retail in the cloud.
Rinat helps teams to scale applications and deal with complex legacy software. He shares his experience in the blog at abdullin.com.


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