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How to Use Email Marketing to Keep Customers Coming Back

By | on 27, Jun 2017 |   Guest Posts Marketing

This is a guest post by Joshua O' Connell, VP of Partnerships at Zoey, an eCommerce platform. In this post, Joshua expalins how email marketing is an important part of your eCommerce business.    In m[...]

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Why Blogging Is Important For Your eCommerce Business

By | on 23, Mar 2017 |   Marketing eCommerce Businesses

Blogging is as common a concept for successful businesses’ today as setting a budget. Blogging as a business is a marketing strategy to gain visibility and expand growth through blog posts. You wouldn[...]

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10 Ideas for Building Customer Loyalty in 2017

By | on 20, Dec 2016 |   eCommerce Marketing eCommerce Businesses

Making a sale is awesome. Making a repeat sale is even better! While your primary goal is to get customers buying on your site, your secondary one should be to get them coming back. Not only do repeat[...]

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How to Use Your About Page to Get More Sales

By | on 13, Dec 2016 |   Marketing eCommerce Businesses

I spend a lot of time on the internet, researching articles, checking out partner pages, buying cat-themed apparel online…. And no matter how many times it happens, I’ll never cease to be surprised wh[...]

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Social Media eCommerce Marketing 101

By | on 22, Nov 2016 |   Marketing eCommerce Businesses

Starting a social media presence can be an intimidating prospect for online retailers, and rightfully so. For nearly a decade, social media marketing has been billed as a necessity for businesses of a[...]

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How to Get Better Customer Testimonials

By | on 13, Oct 2016 |   Marketing eCommerce Businesses

Word travels fast across the internet and part of a business’ livelihood depends on what customers are saying about them. Today we’re talking about how to get the most from customer testimonials.

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5 Ways Helping Others Can Actually Help Your Business

By | on 22, Sep 2016 |   Marketing eCommerce Businesses

When things are going well for us we tend to stop and think about how fortunate we are and reflect on the many ways people have helped us along the way. During these moments most people feel the need [...]

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eBay Stores: Build Your Own Brand

By | on 20, Sep 2016 |   eBay Marketing eCommerce Businesses

As an advanced eBay seller, you understand the importance of selling a product efficiently and effectively at a high listing volume. But maybe you’ve never thought of yourself as a brand. Subscription[...]

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Why You Need to Focus on an eCommerce Niche Market Right Now

By | on 27, Jun 2016 |   eCommerce Inventory management Inventory Tips and Tricks Marketing

This opening statement may sound strange for an eCommerce blog, but here goes nothing: "I love beer."

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Reduce Product Returns With These 3 Tips

By | on 14, Jun 2016 |   eCommerce Inventory Tips and Tricks Marketing shipping SkuVault

Consumers plan to shop more online using desktops/laptops, smartphones, and tablets than in store this year, which is great news if you’re an eTailer. But here’s a staggering statistic on product retu[...]

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