Web Content Management Systems for Inventory

Web Content Management Systems for Inventory


SkuVault is proud to offer a dependable web based management system that will help move your business forward. By allowing our clients to manage important business aspects such as quantity counts, purchase orders, shipping information, and sales and services insight, we can help assure that the quality of your services is backed by our amazing content management software. 

Web based content management systems are software systems that allow groups of users to work on business aspects online with relative ease. When it comes to the overall collaboration of key information that drives businesses, using a web based management system is the best choice for quality results at a fair price.

The following are a few examples of the services provided by our web based content management system. By learning all there is to know about it, you can get the most out of its services to help further your business. If you are already a client of SkuVault, perhaps there will be some options you had no idea existed. If you are thinking of investing in SkuVault, then take the time to read more about our services.

Diversity of Electronic Data Sharing

The success of web based management systems all depend upon the electronic data being shared. If you are working with our web based inventory management system, you can keep accurate records of all aspects of your business in one easy to access location. This convenience is economically viable in today’s financial world.

Any web based sharing system’s success depends on the ability of the system to accurately portray and inform its users of information. Because web based inventory management has extended beyond just inventory supplies and counts, managing this information will be much easier than with products that were previously available just a few years ago.

The goal of investing any money into a web based management system is to properly manage a project. We offer the following available options with our web based management system:


  • Quantity Counts—With SkuVault’s inventory management features, your business can accurately keep track of quantities to help with inventory supplies and sales.SkuVault syncs your quantities in real-time to your various marketplaces to give you an extensive overview of what your business has in stock and out in the world, you can help avoid undersells, mis-picks, and mis-ships, saving you both time and money.
  • Purchase Orders & Receiving—With SkuVault’s purchase orders and receiving features, you can help ensure that your business is always getting accurate and timely information. This allows you to catch discrepancies and utilize cost averaging to get a better idea of your profit margins.
  • Amazon Connection—SkuVault connects with Amazon, Amazon Webstore, and FBA. SkuVault is able to track where your products are in the fulfillment by Amazon process with our management software. Now, you can know with real time information where your entire inventory is and where you need to send more products when necessary.
  • Sales—SkuVault’s ability to allow you to view sales in real time provides you with dependable data that will help drive your business. Our software automatically imports sales from Amazon and your other channels to help you make the best decisions possible with the data available. With one convenient location to view it all, you can avoid over and under buying.
  • Picking—SkuVault helps warehouse workers pick more efficiently to prevent errors. Doing so saves your pickers unnecessary work, steps, and time, which, most importantly, saves you money. With our new interactive wave picking feature, SkuVault streamlines picking even further by making it paperless, and introduces the ability for warehouse managers to assign pick lists to pickers. Visibility and accountability is also increased, as managers can view the status and progress of all open wave picking sessions.
  • Printing—One of the most efficient features of SkuVault’s content management software is the ability to use PrintNode for all of your printing needs. This technology allows you to remote print to any printer over the web, which is highly useful to produce barcodes, packing lists, reports, and much more.
  • User Accountability—This feature helps reduce human error and gets to the bottom of product theft and mishaps. By allowing you to track employees’ use of SkuVault, you can achieve higher efficiency and quickly go through employee performance reviews. This will also allow you to offer incentives for your highest performing workers.
  • Quality Control—One of the most important aspect of SkuVault’s content management system is the quality control it unlocks. Your warehouse workers will be given the choice to either pass or fail an item before it ships, based on qualifications that you set. Some examples: Is the product damaged? Is it the appropriate status (New in box, Used no box, New no box, etc.) for the order that was placed? The appropriate size / color / quantity / etc.?


Some Ideas to Remember

SkuVault offers all of these options to your business with only one goal in mind, which is to help make running your company easier. As technology advances and new products are created to connect people and keep track of information, we take it upon ourselves to integrate the latest updates into our software, so your business can have access to it.

Quality is what makes a business great. In today’s financial markets, improper numbers and delayed information can end up costing you. When every single dollar is on the line and your business’s survival depends on your actions, you will certainly want the best software available to assure that you are ahead of the game.

While the above list is composed of a few of the best features of our web based content management system, there are many other features that are offered as well. As always, everything we provide is designed to help move your business in the right direction free of hassles that can end up costing you precious time and money.

If you are looking for new ways to enhance productivity and keep more accurate records of business dealings, then check out more of what SkuVault’s web based content management systems can offer you. If you are already a client of SkuVault, make sure you are getting the most out of our services, so you can have more accurate records of your finances as you move your business forward. Our services can be customized to meet your unique needs. Contact us to find out exactly what we can offer you.


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