Why Now is a Great Time for U.S. Businesses to Go Global

Why Now is a Great Time for U.S. Businesses to Go Global


This guest blog post is in partnership with Alibaba.com. Alibaba.com has partnered with SkuVault to offer its clients an easy way to set up a custom online storefront and expand their global audience.

Summer is officially over in the United States, which means it’s time for businesses to shift focus to the next big global opportunity—the upcoming holiday season.

The thought of kick-starting holiday shopping lists may feel premature, but for small businesses, September is the perfect time to begin building out product lists and stocking up on inventory ahead of the festivities.

Super September is one of two promotional months at Alibaba.com that caters to small business buyers. The offers include heavily discounted products and incentives to use the value-added services, such as financing and logistics.

This September—to celebrate Alibaba’s 20th year in business and as a thank you to all the buyers and sellers who’ve made the platform the largest B2B marketplace in the world, special deals are being extended to all markets, including the US. Here’s why that’s a big deal.

A Global Opportunity

Global B2B trade represents a $23.3 trillion market opportunity for sellers and buyers, one largely untapped for small businesses.

Though selling online is one of the easiest and most scalable ways to do business with buyers around the world, 46% of SMBs don’t have a website and 35% feel that their operation is too small to warrant a digital presence

Beyond the global nature of this opportunity, selling to businesses—as opposed to selling direct to consumers—represents a whole new revenue stream that can accelerate growth at a massive scale. One more and more US businesses are looking to explore.

Alibaba.com is making this opportunity more accessible to small businesses by “digitizing” global trade processes and providing the tools and technology small businesses need to thrive in the B2B market. 

Small businesses can easily set up a digital “storefront” on the platform that markets all of their products and SKUs, and all businesses receive a dedicated account manager and 24/7 digital support from Day 1. 

Every dollar counts when getting a business off the ground. Alibaba.com’s 0% take rate policy presents the perfect chance for SMBs to pocket more of their hard-earned profits and start building revenue right away. 

The all-in-one platform streamlines management of new leads, marketing products, breaking down language barriers and demystifying global trade for businesses of all sizes.

Case Study: How Totally Products Grew From a Single Product to a Global Powerhouse on Alibaba.com

After setting up a storefront on Alibaba.com, Florida-based vitamin and supplement company Totally Products was able to create streamlined price lists and brochures that helped international customers better understand its product line.

Paired with high-quality images and the capability to bundle products into combo packs, Totally Products drastically increased its number of SKUs to drive more B2B traffic. They were also able to raise the company profile in new markets. Additionally, Alibaba.com’s marketing solutions enabled Totally Products to increase its global brand awareness and customer base on a budget, resulting in: 

·   1.7M in annual sales

·   A 50% increase in headcount to service growing demand

·   400 buyer inquiries per month

All in all, Alibaba.com’s storefront capabilities helped Totally Products transform into a private label, wholesale business with 35% of its sales coming from international buyers.

And by participating in events like Super September, the company can continue to build off its success and gain a larger share in the global marketplace. 

Why Alibaba.com

Getting In On Super September

This is the first year that Super September is extended to US suppliers, and businesses can take advantage of 10% off seller memberships, $50 in ad credits, and 4 free product showcases when signing up on Alibaba.com.

It’s the perfect chance to get familiar with the Alibaba.com platform and its many tools and services while sticking to a tight budget. The special limited-time deals and discounts on offer allow small businesses to experiment with setting up and managing a storefront. They can also run ads to promote specific products and connect with buyers at friendly rates. 

Through the end of September, US buyers can shop 2020 new arrivals and weekly deals, with special offers on 50,000 seasonal products.

Alibaba.com is also introducing three special offers for buyers to commemorate their 20th year in business, including:

  • No fees on select payment options
  • Up to $500 USD cash back when you finance using Pay Later with Kabbage for the first time
  • On-time delivery with up to $100 USD cash back for delays

Ready to get started and take your business to the global stage and take advantage of all the seasonal traffic on Alibaba.com? Join now to make the most of Super September and work with a dedicated US Success Team member to begin selling online. 

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