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This business model is the commercial transaction of buying or selling goods online.

The eCommerce business model is our bread and butter. In fact, it's the business responsible for the creation of SkuVault! Every feature we have is designed to accommodate eCommerce buyers and sellers both online and in the organization of their warehouse practices. When you implement SkuVault WMS, your warehouse will begin to work for your business, not against it. We want to help eCommerce buyers and sellers optimize their warehouse operations so they can get products out the door efficiently and scale their business faster.

Some of the SkuVault Features that would assist an eCommerce model are:

  • Pick, Pack, Ship: automate the pick process with optimized workflows and routes that streamline the pick, pack, ship process
  • Real-time Data Syncs: update inventory quantities across all your online marketplace channels every five minutes to reduce out of stocks or oversells
  • Serialization: track serial numbers on all products through SkuVault to prevent fraudulent returns on expensive items
  • Kitting and Bundling: maximize sales with Kits and Bundles using SKU variations so you can accommodate both your product's and customer's needs