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Multi-Channel Merchant

This business model will sell in two or more of the following ways: an eCommerce website, marketplaces, social media, daily deal sites, or even other traditional types like catalog or physical storefront. 

SkuVault can assist in the management of multi-channel operations by syncing inventory across all channels, allowing products to be featured in serveral places at once. That will allow more potential customers to view the products wherever they may shop. SkuVault understands the unique challenges of multi-channel sellers and offers features to alleviate common problems and to allow the seller's focus to remain on growth of the business.

The SkuVault Features that this type of model would typically use are:

  • Real-Time Data Syncs - update products with real-time quantity changes in order to have accurate information on listings across all channels.
  • Quantity Buffers and Inventory Holds for marketplace specific quantities or flash sales to create a sense of urgency with shoppers.
  • Robust Reporting options, like the Replenishment Report, that will help with informed business decisions.
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