What do you mean by advanced reporting, anyway?

What do you mean by "advanced reporting", anyway?

It sounds vague, we know, but that's only because it's covering a broad spectrum of detailed reporting capabilities. When we say "advanced", what we mean is that SkuVault's reports are extensive, customizable, and informative - our sales reports are designed to impart the max amount of knowledge with the smallest amount of jargon and confusing numbers possible, and, ultimately, to help you to make informed purchasing, marketing, and marketplace decisions. For example, we have brand/class reports to lay out the performance of certain brands and product types - what sold better last week - Sony, or Microsoft? By how much? Which SKUs, specifically? How much did we actually make on those SKUs, specifically, after holding, purchasing, marketplace, and shipping costs? Sounding a little less vague and a bit more advanced now? ;)


Sales Reporting

Sales Reports are the most important and most tedious part of most businesses. The stream of sales is (hopefully) never-ending and making sense of the results is enough to cause a headache. SkuVault's reporting features take the guesswork and stress out of pulling together reports from multiple channels and showing you an easier-to-digest sales report. Now you can make informed, holistic decisions based on facts and figures... no more guesswork!

How does SkuVault generate these reports?

How does SkuVault generate these reports?

SkuVault pulls the factors for these equations from your data stream, provided via one of our available integrated channels (Shopify, Amazon, ChannelAdvisor, etc.). SkuVault then calculates the totals for the given report against our pre-defined formulae, and generates the report. You can view the report in SkuVault itself, or you can export it into a CSV file. We're constantly adding new reports and updating existing ones - right now, our most used reports are our re-order report, Sales report brand/class report, and "not in ChannelAdvisor" report.


Benefits of using SkuVault's advanced reporting.

Accurate reporting helps you to make more informed decisions for your business. Our re-order report, for example, can help you to determine which products to zero in on and gives you insight into what you sell - for instance, if your products feature color as an attribute and your company sells sporting equipment, you'll be able to see that your yellow bicycles are far outselling your blue ones - why waste the warehouse space on something's that not selling? Ditch the blue and buy more yellow. Better data allows you to make better purchasing decisions, yielding a better ROI. Imagine what you could uncover with this kind of sales report.