How the Amazon Warehouse Management System works

How the Amazon Warehouse Management System works

SkuVault's Amazon warehouse and inventory management system integration pulls your orders and product data, processes orders, and updates the new available quantities in real-time to your Amazon store. SkuVault also provides efficient pick lists that are organized by location, thereby creating a path for your pickers that leads them with the minimum amount of steps through your warehouse. SkuVault also offers advanced sales reports like: brand and class report, sales total, weeks on hand, margins, turn, and much more. If you're on more than just Amazon, SkuVault can also pull orders from other channels or your shipping software so all pending sales from all channels come into SkuVault, allowing you to share quantities between channels and/or marketplaces.

Benefits of the Amazon Warehouse Management System

The goal of SkuVault is to reflect what is actually happening in your facility with your inventory. So regardless of if something gets scanned out or received in, you can relax knowing that it'll be reflected on Amazon. SkuVault supports multiple locations per product, so you can eliminate physically moving products around to keep things organized to find them. One of the biggest benefits of the integration is that SkuVault can drastically reduce a company's out-of-stock percentage, which is paramount to selling on Amazon. Out of stocks lead to negative feedback, which not only loses sales, but actually affects where you rank in search results! Typically a company with 5-6% out of stocks can reduce that percentage to 0.5% or less with SkuVault's Amazon inventory management system.
Amazon Webstore

Integration with Amazon Webstore

SkuVault inventory management system also integrates with Amazon Webstore, the all-in-one hosted eCommerce website solution with the tools you need to build an online business. The integration is similar in build and functionality to our Amazon integration, allowing you to sync quantities, prevent mis-picks, mis-ships, and out of stocks, decrease returns, and improve customer feedback. A full list of SkuVault features can be found here if you'd like to learn more, or you can request a demo with our sales team to get a better understanding of how SkuVault can work with your Amazon Webstore. Amazon, Amazon Webstore, the Amazon logo and the Amazon Webstore logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliate.

Fulfillment by Amazon

Integration with Fulfillment by Amazon

SkuVault tracks Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) quantities, so you know where all your inventory is, all the time.

  • View all your inventory in one central location
  • Easily see which SKUs you need to reorder
  • Supports FBA kit SKUs as well
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