How the ChannelAdvisor Warehouse Management System works

How the Integration Works

The primary purpose of the SkuVault & ChannelAdvisor integration is to ensure that all the product in your warehouse is reflected in listings on all your marketplaces. Anytime there's a change that affects the quantity of a SKU available for sale, that SKUs quantity is updated across all of your sub-accounts, and it accomplishes this through the integration sync.


The integration sync occurs automatically every 5 minutes, to ensure that all quantity differences are rectified. An additional setting is available for clients using this integration-- the "ChannelAdvisor product pull", which pulls all product data (SKU, UPC, MPN, Title, Weight, Seller Cost, Retail Price, Store Price, Manufacturer, Brand, Classification, Picture URLs) from into SkuVault every 10 minutes.

SkuVault is able to pull in the Marketplace from which the sale originated via the integration, and that information is viewable on the Sale Information page as well as on reports. When your prices and sales come in, you can process your currency in SkuVault differently than the original currency in ChannelAdvisor. For example, if your sales are in Yen but you'd like to convert & import them into SkuVault in Euro, you have that option. SkuVault also performs a nightly comprehensive sync to provide updated lists daily. The sync is also used to pull orders, which allows SkuVault to generate pick lists or interactive wave picking sessions and provide quality control features which are specifically streamlined to speed up picking in your warehouse and improve order accuracy - but we'll get to that next.


Benefits of the Integration

One of the main benefits of the SkuVault and ChannelAdvisor warehouse management integration, as I know we touched on earlier, is the synchronization of your data across all your online channels. The benefits of this feature are far-reaching, and its effects can be seen in lower out of stock percentage, increased marketplace rankings and therefore greater visibility on your online channels, more positive customer feedback, lower customer service costs, increased warehouse efficiency and saved man hours, and fewer mis-ships and undersells. SkuVault's efficient pick lists, as well as our interactive wave picking feature, which utilize locations, means that you'll always have a pick list that takes you around your warehouse to pick in a sensible manner, which helps you to pick faster. Full quality control features can be employed to ensure fewer mis-ships or shipping of damaged product, resulting in fewer returns and negative feedback. Advanced reporting of our quality control allows you to see just who approved the sending out of a defective or incorrect item, allowing you to easily identify the cause of difficult customer service issues.

SkuVault ♥ ChannelAdvisor

SkuVault ♥ ChannelAdvisor

Sharing your inventory across marketplaces and channels is essential to growth. We partner with ChannelAdvisor because they're the best at multi-channel management. Their Juggler feature allows you to share inventory across multiple online marketplaces, such as,,,, and within one account. Not to mention the other amazing channels they support (or personal favorites are paid search, comparison shopping, flex feeds, and social)! It takes your business even further with the ability to expand into international marketplaces with sub-accounts. SkuVault syncs inventory even between these sub-accounts; this allows you to list all inventory on not only the aforementioned marketplaces, but also eBay UK, AU, DE as well as Amazon UK, DE, and more.