How the ChannelAdvisor Warehouse Management System works

How the Integration Works

Duoplane sits between your ecommerce platform and SkuVault to selectively route orders to SkuVault. As orders are placed in your store, Duoplane imports all orders from your ecommerce platform and splits the orders based on which supplier or warehouse will fulfill each item. Duoplane pushes orders for warehoused items to SkuVault. For items that are fulfilled by dropshippers or other third-party fulfillment partners, Duoplane routes orders to those suppliers in their required formats.
Duoplane also syncs inventory updates to your ecommerce catalog from both SkuVault and your dropship vendors. Duoplane automatically pulls current inventory from SkuVault. For other suppliers, Duoplane can either pull inventory from a hosted location, or inventory updates can be emailed to Duoplane as attachments.

Benefits of the Integration

If you work with multiple real-time supplies, you know that it can be painful to split and transmit purchase orders, track down order status, reconcile vendor invoicing, and keep your inventory updated. Duoplane helps automate all of this to significantly reduce the complexity of working with multiple dropship suppliers or warehouses. Duoplane helps you scale your business by allowing you to expand your product offering without the risk and expense of carrying all items in inventory. And with the reporting and visibility that Duoplane offers, you can serve your customers better and improve your control over your business.

SkuVault ♥ ChannelAdvisor

SkuVault ♥ Duoplane

Sharing your inventory across marketplaces and channels is essential to growth. We partner with Duoplane to make this process seamless and easy. To promote supplier collaboration and communication, Duoplane provides an intuitive vendor portal to allow outside suppliers to self-manage orders. Duoplane integrates with popular shipping solutions such as ShipStation and ShippingEasy and have a fully customizable integration options with outside suppliers, including transmitting data files (CSV, Excel, XML, or JSON), interfacing with the vendor API, or by EDI. Additionally, Duoplane supports complex order routing logic, such as the ability to send orders to suppliers based on proximity to the shipping address, inventory availability, or vendor preference.