QuickBooks Inventory Integration

Unify for SkuVault (via Webgility) does your bookkeeping for you, allowing you to schedule and post online sales from any sales channel or SkuVault directly into QuickBooks. Create purchase orders in SkuVault and see them reflected in QuickBooks inventory, zero data entry. Add a direct connection to your Amazon or eBay account and close the loop on your financial accounting by recording fees and expenses in QuickBooks for easy, complete reconciliation. With Unify for SkuVault, your accounting is always up-to-date and accurate. In other words, your worries are over.

SkuVault ♥ Unify's QuickBooks inventory sync

SkuVault ♥ Unify's QuickBooks Inventory Sync

Our thinking behind this integration is simple, “If you already use SkuVault to sync all of your orders from your various sales channels, then why not be able to sync your orders with your accounting software, too?” Saving our customers both time and money was the goal here, and we believe this integration accomplishes just that with QuickBooks inventory. 

As a retailer, you understand how painstaking a process manually syncing your inventory from multiple sales channels can be. Continuously, entering sales information into all of your online marketplaces is not a fun task, and then re-entering that information into your accounting software only makes for an even longer task. Unify for SkuVault takes inventory control and management to the next level by combining the power of SkuVault with the detail and flexibility of Unify. Easily track and sync the quantity and price of your items in SkuVault with your accounting. Stay organized, for real.


Benefits of the QuickBooks Integration: Multi-Channel Selling

The Unify for SkuVault integration eliminates the need to manually enter your sales information into your accounting software. SkuVault will automatically update the inventory and sales information from all of your various sales channels. And now with the Unify integration, SkuVault can automatically enter your sales information into your accounting software. Think of SkuVault as your one stop shop for order syncing. When a sale comes in, your sales channels are updated, and your accounting software is updated. This allows our retail customers to spend less time entering tedious sales information into spreadsheets, and more time focusing on growing their business.

Easily grow your business by experimenting with different sales channels and platforms. Connect your entire multi-channel business with Unify for SkuVault to seamlessly ensure your accounting is accurate, timely, and organized. Enjoy greater control of your financial data and profit margins, and have better perspective of your business with QuickBooks inventory.