How the Rakuten Warehouse Management System works

With the Rakuten integration (via FarApp) SkuVault can pull your orders and product data such as SKU's, brands, prices, and much more. After the order is received and processed, SkuVault updates the quantities (all in real-time) to your Rakuten store. In addition, SkuVault will pull orders via the FarApp integration and create valuable and efficient pick lists. Did we say efficient? Yes! We organize the pick list by location, which means your pickers are guided through the aisles of your warehouse with the least amount of steps and back-and-forth. With advanced sales reporting like sales, margins, and sales totals you can forecast sales and reduce overhead. In Fact, you can even integrate SkuVault with all of your other sales channels, accounting, and shipping software and create reports that will show you everything you need to operate your warehouse efficiently. 

Benefits of the Amazon Warehouse Management System

Benefits of the Rakuten Warehouse Management System

SkuVault's Rauken inventory management system (via FarApp) allows eCommerce businesses a seamless back end integration to a huge front end selling platform. One of SkuVault's primary focuses is to increase warehouse accuracy so you know exactly what's going on, regardless of how many marketplaces you're on. Whether you've made a sale on Rauken, removed something from inventory due to damage, or received inventory from your manufacturer, you can rest assured that changes will be made across all platforms and remain accurate. This means fewer out-of-stocks, oversells, and happy customers (which means more sales for you.)


SkuVault ♥ Rakuten

We want you to focus on what matters- growing your business. So we created a software that works around the clock to make sure your inventory is accurate. In addition, we're constantly adding new features, integrations, and partners, like Rauken, so that we can create a community of growth and eCommerce support. We believe that with this FarApp integration of Rakuten, you'll have more control over your warehouse and more power to make purchasing, forecasting, and warehouse management decisions that will help you, and your business, grow.