Salesforce integration

The Salesforce adapter enables softwares to replicate, integrate, and migrate to synchronize data across applications. With DBSync's integration of Salesforce, you can sync orders, PO's, and products and take advantage of some of SkuVault's more advanced features. When changes are made, SkuVault will push inventory adjustments to Salesforce and other sales channels. This way, your data about customers is consistent and accurate. 


To learn about more SkuVault features visit our features page. 


SkuVault ♥ DBSync's Salesforce inventory sync

While Salesforce does some inventory syncing, we're excited to integrate with their powerful system (via DBSync) to offer you full control and transparency over your warehouse. Salesforce offers you a holistic software that makes managing all parts of customer management integrated and easy. Because of our laser focus in warehouse management, we can offer supplemental tools so you can get the most out of your warehouse. 


Salesforce's Website

Benefits of the integration

Salesforce for SkuVault (via DBSync) is a customer relationship management (CRM) suite that allows you to manage all aspects of your business through its complete and integrated system. Salesforce pools data from all facets of your business, including accounting, databases, and files, and integrates with SkuVault to allow transparency and reporting. When integrated, you can import data like orders, products, and inventory changes to SkuVault, and even decide which fields you want to sync. With the combined powers of SkuVault and Salesforce, and the customization of DBSync, you have full warehouse management control.