Multi-channel Sycnhronization

Your inventory updates in real-time so your Sears store always reflects your actual quantities. 

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Quality Control

Reduce overhead by reducing warehouse mistakes: fewer out-of-stocks, miss-ships, and labor costs.

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Advanced Reporting

No more guesswork to your inventory forecasting. We'll use your historical data to do all the calculations for you.

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How the Sears Warehouse Management System works

With the Sears integration (via FarApp) SkuVault pulls your orders and product data so your inventory is always accurate. SkuVault updates the quantities to your Sears store in real-time after the order is received and processed. In addition, SkuVault creates picklists organizied for efficiency by pulling orders via the FarApp integration. By organizing picklists by location, your pickers given an optimized route to decrease pick time and back-and-forth. SkuVault also provides advanced reporting so you can make informed purchase and forecasting decisions to reduce overhead. Because we're all about efficiency, you can also integrate SkuVault with all of your other sales channels, accounting, and shipping software so you can see everything you need to operate your warehouse, all in one organized place.