How the ShipRush & SkuVault integration works

After a brief one-time integration process, ShipRush Web will automatically download all recent orders found in the SkuVault system, and bring them into a consolidated Order Manager screen.  From there, shippers are able to modify the order details (such as contact information or shipping address) and set up their shipment for label printing.  This includes quickly setting weight, shipping service, dimensions, and additional shipping options such as signature confirmation.  It also has the capability of printing packing lists, sending email notifications, and other common shipment related tasks.  After the order has been processed in ShipRush Web, it will then automatically post back to SkuVault, updating the order status to complete, supplying a tracking number for the shipment and shipping cost estimates.  No copy and paste required anywhere – fully automated.

Benefits of SkuVault's TrueShip integration

Benefits of SkuVault's ShipRush integration

Because the order download and update process is fully automated, that reduces the possibility of human error.  ShipRush features such as presets to quickly set common order details (like weight, dimensions and more), and Automation Rules helps make the shipping process take as few clicks as possible to complete.  Fewer clicks means orders get out quicker, saving time for a shipping department.  ShipRush also offers a shipment history for finding specific old order details, or running reports as needed. 


SkuVault ♥ ShipRush

SkuVault and ShipRush are both cloud-based software with responsive interface designs. This allows retailers to access all of the powerful data they provide from any mobile device. Both SkuVault and ShipRush were designed with the eCommerce retailer in mind. They were designed to make your life easier and allow your business to flourish. By eliminated lengthy pick times and shipping errors, you are able to focus more time on marketing, sales, and the overall growth of your eCommerce company. The integration between the two is seamless, and both SkuVault & ShipRush offer quality customer support to answer any integration questions you may have. Give us a call or e-mail us to find out more about this collaborative integration.