How ShipStation works with SkuVault WMS

How ShipStation works with SkuVault WMS

SkuVault pulls your orders in- complete with info about which sales channel the order came in from. After setting up your integration in SkuVault to pull orders, you can then navigate to ShipStation's inventory interface to set a warehouse mapping so that it can pull on hand inventory levels from SkuVault. SkuVault also pushes real-time location updates so you can print your packing slips or labels out in order by location to save steps, time, and money - or, you can use the SkuVault pick list instead should you prefer. SkuVault pulls orders directly which is what enables the system to provide a pick list. Should there be any orders you might not want to bring into SkuVault, you can use ShipStation's tagging system to either:

A) Only pull orders in with a certain tag or
Only ignore orders with a certain tag.

Having the orders pulled into SkuVault also allows for advanced sales reports, such as the class/brand sales report. Pulling orders into SkuVault also provides opportunities for SkuVault's extensive human error prevention checks to prevent miss-picks. Many companies also utilize SkuVault's QC feature at their shipping stations, to ensure they're always shipping out the full order with the correct items. When your order's ready to ship, create and print your shipping label directly from within SkuVault, and then send it on out to your customer!

Benefits of this integration

One of the main benefits of the SkuVault and ShipStation integration is that you'll always have a pick list that takes you around your warehouse to pick in a sensible manner, which helps you to pick faster. Full barcoding capabilities ensure that picks are fast and accurate - no more manual entry. Always know if there are orders that were printed but for some reason never actually got picked. SkuVault also has full user accountability, which means that it tracks all user actions and provides history reports, which helps you to target problem areas in your workflow processes, as well as troubled or exemplary employees. Human error prevention is built into the simple-to-use interface to minimize errors. Sales reports allow you to make better sourcing decisions, and you can always see your inventory anywhere, from any device, because SkuVault is browser based.

SkuVault ♥ ShipStation

Why we love this integration

SkuVault and ShipStation are both cloud-based and responsive, and so can be accessed on any device with an internet connection. Both systems are built with eCommerce in mind, which means that both systems are specifically designed to complement your business model and processes. The integration is simple to set up from within the system interfaces themselves, so right away you'll be able to see how smoothly the two operate together. SkuVault's always adding new features in order to better serve our customers and our integrations partners. Give us a call, or shoot us an email and we can teach you more about how we work together.