How the ShipWorks works with Skuvault's Warehouse Management System

How ShipWorks works with Skuvault's Warehouse Management System

SkuVault pushes real-time location updates to ShipWorks for each item within all your pending orders, so you can print your packing slips or labels out in order by location to save steps, time, and money - or, you can use the SkuVault pick list instead. Our warehouse management system pulls orders directly from ShipWorks, which is what enables the system to grab all your orders from one hub - unless, of course, you're also using a channel management tool in conjunction as well. Many of our eCommerce clients also utilize SkuVault's Quality Control feature at their shipping stations, to ensure they're always shipping out the full order with the correct products. Fewer mis-picks result in more positive feedback on your online channels, fewer customer service and labor hours, higher rankings and therefore greater visibility which, of course, leads to more sales.


Benefits of using the ShipWorks & SkuVault integration

Always know if there are orders that were printed, but for some reason never actually got picked. Always have a pick list that takes you around your warehouse to pick products in a sensible manner, without zigging, zagging, or backtracking, which helps you to pick faster. Full barcoding features ensure that picks are fast and accurate - no more manual entry. SkuVault also has full user accountability, which means that it tracks all user actions and provides history reports, which helps you to target problem areas in your workflow processes, as well as troubled or exemplary employees. The user interface was designed with the simplification of eCommerce processes in mind - most screens of SkuVault's warehouse management system feature only a few buttons, and can be easily viewed on phones, tablets, or laptops, for your warehouse workers' convenience when picking.